Alex C. a Yasmin K. - Angel of Darkness

Zde si můžete stáhnout originální píseň ke hře Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - Autory jsou Alex C. a Yasmin K.





Umělec: Alex C. 
Titul: Angel Of Darkness (feat. Yasmin K.) 



Angel of darkness 
Angel of darkness 
The world is in your hand
But I will fight until the end
Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
Don't follow your command
But I will figth and I will stand

Proslov 1: 
When darkness falls
Pain is all
The Angel of Darkness will leave behind
and I will fight 

Sloka 1: 
The love is lost
beauty and light
have vanished from garden of delight
The dreams are gone
midnight has come
the darkness is our new kingdom 


Proslov 2: 

Hunt goes on deep
in the night
time to pray down on your knees
you can't hide
from the eternal light
until my last breath
I will figth( I will fight...) 

Sloka 2: 
Now realise
the stars they die
darkness has fallen in paradise
but we'll be strong
and we will fight
against the creatures of the night