Larson Conway and Pierre DuPont

Po delší odmlce jsme zpět s nejnovější Tomb Raider písní. Tentokrát jsme se rozhodli umělecky prozkoumat naše dva nejoblíbenější žoldáky, Larsona a Pierra. 

Původní píseň: Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer z muzikálu Cats
Pierre: Fil/Frilipos
Larson: Pablo Fuentes
Text a video: Arakanga


Text písně: 

Larson Conway and Pierre DuPont
We're a notorious duo of mercs
As Natla's best henchmen and artefact hunters
We specialize in things that tend to hurt

We have an extensive reputation
We solve ancient riddles and evade all the traps
We're crucial to Natla's operation
And we're following Lara Croft's every step!

When she thinks she can freely explore the Lost city
hen Larson goes there and tries to be witty
I face her heroically, gun in hand
Hoping she'll finally meet her grim end

And near the waterfall they fight vicious battle
That makes the ruins shake, crumble and rattle
She kicks him in the head
Who would have thought?

Then Larson shouts out loud:
oh, that terrible Croft!

But' we're Larson Conway and Pierre DuPont
and even when injured, we’re not going soft!

Larson Conway and Pierre DuPont
Have a wonderful way of working together
One is the brain and the other's the brawn
Although next to Larson, everyone's clever!

We’ll never learn from our past mistakes!
Won’t attack together, we’re bigger than that!
First she’ll defeat Larson, then she’ll shoot down Pierre
And what’s even worse, she will call us both rats!

And when hydras set fire to Larson' pants
It is no unusual circumstance
Or when Croft doesn't throw a single punch
Just "boo!" and Pierre falls to his death with a CRUNCH

Then we whisper in pain:
that Croft is too much

Here lies Larson Conway
and Pierre DuPont

And we’re starting to think that we’re losing our touch!

Our experience says: that Croft is too much!