I Killed a Man

Po delší době vám přinášíme další píseň, tentokrát prozkoumáme temná zákoutí Lařiny duše, která se začala projevovat během její výpavy za císařovnou Himiko. 




This was never the way I planned
this expedition 
I traveled to this cursed island
of my own volition
It's not what I prepared for 
Just wanna survive this 
I'm constantly running away
It's time to even the odds
I killed a deer, I liked it
For XPs, I don't deny it
I killed a deer just to try it
Even though it sent me crying
I took a bow, shot an arrow
I took ten shots
Nine of them missed, damn controller
I killed a deer and I liked it
I liked it 
No, I do not know how to aim
It doesn't matter
I click my mouse and hope for the best
A casual player
It's not what skilled gamers do 
But I just do not give a damn
I'd rather sneak around, but if I can't
I'll raise a bit of hell
I killed a man, I liked it
He shouldn't have tried to restrain me
I killed a man just to try it 
Got his weapon, now let's fire it  
Slower than deer
the mission's clear 
I'm aiming for his eye socket
I killed a man and I liked it
I liked it 
Killing things is so magical
I thought it'd be more tragical
They want me dead, it's logical
I'd respond with severe violence
Ain't no big deal, they'll decompose
I killed them all, I liked it
Made use of their guns and ammo
I shot them all just to try it
No witnesses, no need to hide it
Hey Sam, I'm here
the path is clear
Except for hundreds of corpses
I learned to kill, now I like it